As of May 1, 2022

Shiawassee Shores, a 55+ Manufactured Housing Community, is a desirable and attractive place for people aged 55 and over to live. We welcome new residents who will be considerate and cooperative with both the management and all other residents. The very finest of communities must be governed to uphold the dignity of family and home.   Shiawassee Shores is an age 55 or older housing community under the Fair Housing Act (title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended 42 U.S.C.3601-3619 and the Housing for Older Person Act of 1995 (HOPA) (Rule L 104-76, 109 Stat. 787).

Homes will not be leased to families with children under the age of eighteen living at home per HOPA guidelines. Occupants must be 55 years of age or older. Any occupant other than age 55 + will be looked at on an individual basis as it pertains to age. Any caregiver living with a resident must be 18 years of age or older.

Any violation of these rules may be grounds for eviction per your Lease Agreement. 

  1. Occupant Registration: All occupants living in Shiawassee Shores for any period of time must be registered with Shiawassee Shores Management. This includes every occupant staying permanently or temporarily in the home. The number of Permanent occupants within a home in the community shall be no more than a total of four (4) people per home (the total of all Residents and occupants, excluding guests).
  2. Resident Home Rental: All residents are allowed to rent their homes with prior written approval from Shiawassee Shores Management. No home shall be rented out by any resident to any tenant unless the lessee is first approved in writing by Shiawassee Shores Management.  Any such tenant must abide by all of these Community Rules.
  3. Outdoor Decorations: All outdoor holiday decorations including, but not limited to, lights, figurines and ornamental displays must be removed within thirty (30) days of observance of the holiday.
  4. Pets: Indoor cats are allowed and must remain indoors. No dogs will be allowed, except for Service and ESA dogs. Owners of Service or ESA dogs must provide satisfactory proof of the dog’s status as a Service or ESA dog immediately to Shiawassee Shores Management and owners will fill out and provide all forms requested by Shiawassee Shores Management. Any other animals must have prior written approval from Shiawassee Shores Management. No visiting animals are allowed with the exception of Service animals. All qualifying animals must be registered with Shiawassee Shores Management.
  5. Excess Noise/Quiet Time: Please avoid excess noise. No snowmobiles, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles or other noisy vehicles shall be driven in the park at any time. Quiet time shall be observed between 10:00 pm – 6:00 am.
  6. Vehicles: Resident-owned golf carts are welcome and must be registered with the office. (See separate golf cart policy). Boats, utility trailers, travel trailers, motor homes, truck campers, snowmobiles, larger vehicles, and unlicensed vehicles are not allowed to be stored on sites or in any parking lot. There is limited RV storage in the park. (See separate RV storage rules). All modified vehicles must be approved by management and must be fully parked in the parking area provided at your site. Residents’ vehicles must be fully parked in the driveway so they will not protrude into the street. Street parking is prohibited, except for deliveries or short-term visitors. No overnight street parking is allowed.  However, Residents’ RVs may be temporarily parked for a maximum time of 24 hours in the street for loading and unloading. Vehicles with signage or messages of any type on them will require written permission from Shiawassee Shores Management. Vehicle parking is not permitted within 10 feet of any fire hydrant at any time.  Parking on the grass is not permitted at any time.
  7. Exterior Additions/Installation on Park Property: All the Park utility services, and watering systems are underground. Installation of decks, porches, awnings, birdfeeders, flag poles, plantings, permanent installments, or any enclosures of any kind must be approved in writing by Shiawassee Shores Management before installation may begin. A project proposal form must be completed by the resident and approved by Shiawassee Shores Management before any work may begin. This includes calling “Miss Dig.”  If approved, prior to installation, the appropriate City permits must be obtained and displayed. Any damages to the park of any sort or kind will be the resident’s responsibility.
  8. Installation of Tents/Temporary Structures: All the utility services and watering systems are underground. You will have to obtain written permission from Shiawassee Shores Management to dig in any lawn area for erecting tents or any other structures with stakes, supports or anything else going into the ground. You must call “Miss Dig” to locate underground utilities. A project proposal form must be completed by the resident and approved by Shiawassee Shores Management before any work may begin. Any damages to the park of any sort or kind will be the resident’s responsibility. All items must be removed within three (3) days of installation unless prior written approval for an exception has been obtained from Shiawassee Shores Management.
  9. Display of Flags/Banners: A resident may display two (2) flags on any site. These flags may be mounted on your home (size of flag no larger than 3×5) and on an approved flagpole (size of flag no larger than 4×6). Flags must be in good condition and replaced when they become tattered or faded. No political flags or banners of any kind will be permitted. If any flag is determined by Shiawassee Shores Management to be offensive or inappropriate, Shiawassee Shores reserves the right to require its removal.
  10. Signs: No signs of any kind, except those designating your name, address and site number are permitted on your site or in your windows. However, up to two (2) “political yard signs” (campaign signs demonstrating a position on candidates for publicly elected offices or proposals for public election) may be displayed per lot.  These political yard signs may not be larger than 18 inches by 24 inches and must comply with the local government ordinance and may not be displayed other than during a period beginning 4 weeks before and concluding 1 week after a governmental election. 
  11. Sale of Homes: Shiawassee Shores can assist you in the sale of your home. Shiawassee Shores Management has approved “For Sale” signs available for homes sold by the park. Realtors and their signs are not allowed. If you wish to sell your home on your own, you must contact the office for requirements and procedures. Homes that are sold by owner must contact the office for appropriate signage. For Sale by owner signs must be discussed with Management. There will be a “transaction fee” to be paid to Shiawassee Shores if your home is sold by Owner.
  12. Not Permitted on Sites: Porch swings, fences, and sheds are not permitted on the sites. Clotheslines and hanging of clothing outdoors is not permitted. Sites are not to be used for exterior storage. All furniture of any sort or kind (except for patio furniture) should be kept indoors and should not be stored or placed on the site. 
  13. Speed Limit: We have a state-mandated speed limit posted! For everyone’s safety, please do NOT exceed the 15 MPH speed limit.
  14. Underage visitors: Grandchildren are allowed to visit often. We ask that overnight stays be limited to two weeks. All minor (under 18 years of age) visitors must be accompanied by an adult while in the community.
  15. Garage Sales/Estate Sales: Individual Garage Sales/Estate Sales are not permitted. The Community may schedule All-Park sales periodically throughout the year depending on interest and expected participation.
  16. Exterior Appearance: Upkeep of the exterior of the home and flower bed areas around the home is the responsibility of the resident. If management must perform any necessary upkeep on the exterior of the home or the flowerbeds the resident will be responsible for any labor and material costs that are incurred. All sites shall be kept free of fire hazards and combustible materials per section 9 of your lease.
  17. Safety: All homes must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher and one smoke detector. The fire extinguisher should be rated, at a minimum, 2A-10-B-C. The fire extinguisher and smoke detector must be approved with the UL label. Per State of Michigan, we recommend carbon monoxide detectors as well.
  18. Feeding the Wildlife: All feeding of any wildlife on the ground is strictly prohibited. However, bird feeders are allowed with prior written approval from Shiawassee Shores  All bird feeders must be at least 4 feet off the ground and placed on a pole or suspended from a tree and may only be placed on the site that the resident is renting.

All residents will be mailed a copy when the community rules are amended.

Other Useful Notes:

In case of severe weather, the fire whistle in the local community will blow a steady whistle for three minutes. The crawl space in your garage is a designated area for protection and the Main Club House and Activity Center is equipped with emergency power for use as a central gathering place.

We have a Clubhouse and Activity Center that can be rented out for personal use/parties for residents. The rental must be resident, or investor sponsored. The fee for renting the main clubhouse is $150.00 and the fee for the Activity Center is $100.00. There is a rental contract that must be filled out which contains detailed terms and rules. It is the responsibility of the resident or investor to follow the terms of the rental contract. 

Current Golf fees can be obtained from the park office. Annual memberships are available as well as individual daily fees. Guests of residents are welcome (guest fees apply). Sign in at the golf course clubhouse is required each time you golf.

As a reminder and for clarification, all the Land in the park is owned by Shiawassee Shores. For our community rules, any reference to a “Site” defines the park property around your home.

All mailboxes in the mail houses are the responsibility of the United States Post Office. If you need assistance with lost keys, please contact Shiawassee Shores Management and we will arrange for the Postal Carrier to come out and change the lock for a fee.

Postings in the mail houses.  There are corkboards in all three (3) of the mail houses for community events as well as any items for sale, services offered, business cards, etc.  All postings must be dated and should be removed after 1 month.  The doors of the mail houses are reserved for Shiawassee Shores Management notices ONLY. 

Garbage day is always Monday, or it will be the next business day if Shiawassee Shores is closed for business on Monday. Bagged household trash only can be placed at the end of your driveway on Trash Day.

Notice of Violation

 Residents and/or their guests who violate any rule will be contacted by Shiawassee Shores Management, either by a personal visit, a telephone call, or the issuance of a written Rule Reminder, Notice of Rule Violation, a Notice to Quit or a Termination of Tenancy. If a written violation is issued, it is expected that the violation will be corrected by the specified date. If the violation is not corrected, then a $50.00 fine will be issued. Failure or refusal to correct a violation or chronic or repeated violations of the Community Rules and Guidelines will result in a $100.00 fine and may lead to eviction proceedings. Complying with the Community Rules and Guidelines is necessary to provide you and your neighbors with pleasant and peaceful surroundings.


Shiawassee Shores Manager –Marsha Pudney (810) 735-9003/Fax (810) 735-9588

Maintenance Supervisor – George Lord (810) 955-3451(cell) AFTER HOURS ER ONLY

Police and Fire Department Emergency 911

Police Non-Emergency (810) 735-5454

Miss Dig 1-800-482-7171

Park Contact – Bob Helbig (810) 735-1623