Park Rules

Revised 5/30/18

Shiawassee Shores is a new idea in manufactured home living. We welcome new residents who will be considerate and cooperative with both the management and all other residents. The very finest of communities must be governed to uphold the dignity of family and home. To make sure your neighbors complement your way of life, we submit to you the rules and regulations of the community.

  1. All occupants residing in Shiawassee Shores must be registered. This includes every occupant staying permanently or temporarily in the manufactured home.
  2. All residents and their heirs are allowed to rent/lease with the option to purchase their homes with prior approval and process of prospective residents by the Corporation of Shiawassee Shores Retirement Park, Inc. The lessee must abide by all the rules that are established within the corporation.
  3. Home lots will not be rented to families with children living at home. Occupants must be 55 years of age or older.  Any occupants with special needs will be looked at on an individual basis as it pertains to age.  Any caregiver living with a resident has to be 18 years of age or older.
  4. Pets. No animals or pets of any kind shall be kept on the premises, other than those expressly permitted, in writing, by Management.
  5. Avoid excess noise. No snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and/or all terrain vehicles, can be driven in the park. No noisy vehicles shall be driven in the park. Park registered golf carts can be driven in the park (see golf cart policy).
  6. Boats, travel trailers, motorhomes, truck campers, snowmobiles and unlicensed vehicles are not allowed to be stored on tenants’ lots or parking lots. Limited storage is available in the park. Street parking for loading and unloading trailers and/or RV’s may be temporarily parked for a maximum time of 24 hours.
  7. Installation of decks, porches, awnings, or enclosures of any kind must be approved by the management, in writing, prior to installation and the appropriate City permits must be obtained and displayed.
  8. No signs of any kind, except those designating your names and lot number are permitted on your lot or in your windows. The Park Office has approved “For Sale” signs available.
  9. All automobiles must be fully parked in the parking area provided at each lot. Street parking is prohibited, with the exception of deliveries or short time visitors.
  10. All of the utility services and watering system is underground. You will have to obtain permission from the Park Manager in order to dig in the lawn areas for planting, or installing or erecting tents or other structures that require stakes going into the ground. You will be responsible for calling “Miss Dig” to locate underground utilities.
  11. Clotheslines and hanging of clothing out of doors is not permitted.
  12. Swing Sets, fences, and sheds are not permitted on the lots.
  13. We have a State Mandated speed limit posted! For everyone’s safety, please drive the 15 MPH speed limit.
  14. Grandchildren are allowed to visit often. We ask that overnight stays be limited to two weeks.
  15. Underage children that visit residents must be accompanied by an adult while in the community.
  16. Individual Garage Sales are not permitted. The Community will schedule one S.S. Park Sale per year. Estate Sales can be hosted at the clubhouse with management approval.
  17. Vehicle parking is not permitted within 10 feet of a fire hydrant while on the street.
  18. Upkeep of the exterior of the home and flower bed area around the home is the responsibility of the homeowner. If management has to make any necessary upkeep on the exterior of the home or the flowerbeds the owner will be responsible for any labor costs that may occur.  All lot sites shall be kept free of fire hazards; combustible materials.
  19. All homes must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher and one smoke detector. The fire extinguisher should be rated, at a minimum, 2A­10­B­C. The fire extinguisher and smoke detector must be approved with the UL label.
  20. There will be NO SUPPLEMENTAL FEEDING of the wildlife in this privately owned community with the EXCEPTION of Bird Feeders. All feeding of any wildlife on the ground is banned. Bird Feeders must be at least 4 Feet off the ground and placed on a pole or suspended from a tree and can only be placed on the lot that YOU are renting. The Bird Feeder must have 8 Feet of clearance around it for maintenance purposes. Bird Feeders will not be allowed to be placed on empty lots or on common lots. You must get park management approval before you erect a new Bird Feeder on park owned property.
  21. SSRP does not have an approved “dump station” for emptying gray or black water from a camping unit. It is illegal to empty these tanks on the ground or in the storm sewer.

All residents will be mailed a copy when the community rules are amended.

Other Useful Notes:

In case of severe weather the fire whistle in the local community will blow a steady whistle for three minutes. The access hole in your garage is a designated area for protection and the Main Club House is equipped with emergency power for a central gathering place.

There are two clubhouses that can be rented out for personal use/parties for residents. The rental must be resident or investor sponsored. The fee for renting the main clubhouse begins at $150.00 and rises depending on the number of occupants; the fee for the activities clubhouse is also $100.00. It is the responsibility of the resident to make sure that the clubhouse is clean after each use.  See the Rental Rules for complete instructions.

Current Golf fees can be obtained from the park office. Annual memberships are available as well as individual daily fees. Guests of residents are welcome (guest fees apply). Sign in at the golf course clubhouse required each time you golf.